Squiddle plushie tutorial

Lots of images in here!

Use this pattern. This makes a six-tentacled squiddle, because six is totally the best number of tentacles to have. Four seems too few and eight is such a hassle. Who even needs eight? A greedy squiddle, that’s who.

First, draw and cut out all the pieces. Make sure you have two body pieces facing one way and two facing the other way! I’ve not cut out the circular bottom piece here because it’s easy enough to just guess that part. You may lay them out on a blindingly pink furry floor cushion if you have one.

Take two opposite body pieces and start sewing together the sides with the v-shaped notches in them. When you get to the notches, sew them both closed. You’ll probably want to do that by hand.

Do the same with the other two body pieces, then sew the two halves together. Flip it turn-ways and you have a body/head! A floppy flappy body/head.

Stuff it lightly and see where you want the eyes to go, then put them on in whatever way is appropriate for what kind of eyes you’re using. Make sure you don’t put them two low or far apart or you will end up with a seriously silly squiddle. (That happened to one of mine, but luckily I managed to save it and now it is beautiful again.)
Oh, and you can add a squeaker at this point if you like. Squeakers are the best.

Now for the most boring and annoying part, the tentacles! I put the tentacles together into sets of three on the pattern because that makes them seem much less intimidating, yay.
Sew them together in pairs, then attach the pairs at the ends to make a tentacle doughnut. Leave the inner parts open, you still need to stuff the tentacles.

Very important step: stick the tentacles on your fingers and pretend to be a horrorterror. This is important to make sure you are having fun. Yes.

If you are having fun you may continue. If not, well, it looks like you’re continuing anyway.

Start sewing the tentacles onto the body. The tiny seams where the two sets of tentacles join should line up with the seams at the front and back of the squiddle’s body. The middle tentacles on each side should line up just under the squiddle’s chumpy cheeks.

You’ll need to sew quite far from the edge of the tentacle pieces, about as far away as these yellow lines are:

Looking good! But we have to do something about those flimsy lifeless tentacles.

Stuff each tentacle about 1/2 to 2/3 full with plastic beans. Use a plastic volcano as a funnel if you have one. Don’t want those beans going everywhere.

After filling a tentacle, sew it closed with a wee row of stitches.

Much better! The squiddle now has floppy wiggly tentacles and can now be used as a hat or a weapon.

This step is a little hard to explain with words, but it’s useful for getting your squiddle to have a good shape. If you’re already satisfied with the shape you have, don’t bother. Sometimes the squiddle looks fine already.

Use a long bit of thread to make a tiny stitch and pull the fabric inwards at the points just above the cheeks and below the eyes. You’ll have to squash up the squiddle and stick the needle aaaall the way through to he other side, making sure it comes out in the sight place. The thread should kind of follow the arrows in this shape:

Pull the thread tight and mush the squiddle’s face around until it looks okay. Knot the thread somewhere hidden. Apologise to the squiddle for mushing its face around so much.

Almost done now! If you aren’t going to put a magnet inside your squiddle, skip this next step. If you are using a magnet, make sure it’s a rare earth magnet or something else that is STRONG enough to go through two layers of fleece.

Get the bottom piece and a little scrap of felt. Sew the felt onto the inside by making a tiny little circle just a bit bigger than your magnet. Make the stitches very small. Half way round, pop the magnet into the snug little pocket and sew it closed. That magnet’s not going anywhere now!

Now sew that piece onto the bottom of the squiddle to close up the hole! Add any last minute stuffing if you need to.

Finally, sew or glue a mouth on and your squiddle is done! Hold your squiddle aloft and marvel at its squiddliness. Then make another squiddle for it to tangle with.

There, I hope you manage to make some sweet squiddles without too much trouble! If you use this pattern, be sure to link back here or whatever. Have fun.

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